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Installing DarwinPorts on Mac OS X

This tutorial covers the introduction, installation, and configuration of DarwinPorts, a software package manager for the Tiger 10.4 version of Mac OS X, and a requisite tool for nearly all subsequent Server Codex tutorials. Why Use a Package Manager? While most Mac software is installed simply by dragging the application to your Applications folder, server … Read more

osCommerce Installation on Mac OS X

Pre-requisite reading: Installing phpMyAdmin, Useful Apache Tweaks Prior to the arrival of Mac OS X, there weren’t many e-commerce software applications available for people to wanted to build and host an online shop on the Mac platform. With the arrival of an operating system that supports Apache, PHP, and MySQL, however, would-be Mac shopkeepers now … Read more

Useful Apache Tweaks

Pre-requisite reading: Mac Serving With Apache, PHP, and MySQL “More command line gruntwork? Didn’t I get a Mac so I could avoid this stuff?” The great thing about Mac OS X is that server software written for UNIX systems don’t need to be re-written for the Mac, which of course means we now have access … Read more

Installing phpMyAdmin on Mac OS X

Pre-requisite reading: Mac Serving With Apache, PHP, and MySQL Now that we’ve already set up Apache, PHP, and MySQL, it’s time to install and configure a database management tool. Database management tools are used to create, edit, and browse database structures and content. Installing a separate database management tool isn’t strictly necessary; after all, the … Read more

Mac Serving With Apache, PHP, and MySQL

There are various software applications that can turn your Mac into a web log, news portal, or even an e-commerce storefront. A large proportion of these server software applications have three components in common: a web server, a scripting language, and a database. Follow the steps below to get some of the most popular versions … Read more