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Rails, Platforms, and Tools

David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH), creator and one of the core developers of Ruby on Rails, recently posted an announcement that version 1.5 of the TextMate editor has been released. In closing, he says: “Oh, and if you haven’t switched yet, you can swing by Apple and pickup a Mac on the way to TextMate. It’s not now, nor ever, … Read more

Flurry of Server Software Updates

While we normally resist the temptation to publish the year-end retrospectives that appear to be in vogue around this time of year, it would be negligent not to note that 2005 brought some very significant software advancements. If you haven’t checked them out already, perhaps you should. The release with the most buzz has to … Read more

Introduction to the Tiger Terminal

MacDevCenter is host to an informative five-part series on using the Terminal in Mac OS X 10.4 — Tiger. Given that the tutorials found on Server Codex usually assume a basic familiarity with the command line, folks who haven’t spent much time in the Terminal should at least check out Part 1 below. Part 1 … Read more

Development Environment for Ruby on Rails » Server Codex

RadRails is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Ruby on Rails, with the initial RadRails 0.1 release emerging only a few days ago. A customized version of the Java-based Eclipse IDE, RadRails appears to a promising cross-platform tool for managing the development of Rails web applications. The release of version 0.2 is imminent and will … Read more

Web Server Backup via Rsync

Dave Shea over at mezzoblue provides a great tutorial on how to keep a synchronized backup of remote web server documents on a local machine. Rsync can be a difficult tool to figure out, so this detailed how-to guide makes it much easier to get started. The post comments also contain a great deal of … Read more

Locomotive Offers Package Install of Ruby on Rails » Server Codex

The Locomotive project provides a Mac OS X package for easy installation of Ruby on Rails, lighttpd, FastCGI, and other supporting libraries and database drivers. The roadmap indicates that while the current release is mainly intended for use with SQLite, future versions will include better support for PostgreSQL and MySQL. The main question is how … Read more

Mac OS X Hints Round-Up

This article is a round-up list of Mac OS X hints, most of which are related to servers of some kind or other. For those running OS X 10.4, there is also an ever-growing list of Tiger-specific hints. A shell script to edit text files as root in the GUI A script to automatically blacklist … Read more

Ask Slashdot Round-up

These “Ask Slashdot” links are old, but the resulting discussions were lively and still contain a bunch of useful information: Replacing FileMaker with Free Software Windows to Mac Migration Guide/Advice Multicast Imaging for Mac OS X

Apache Configuration Language Module for BBEdit 8

John Gruber over at Daring Fireball has put together a language syntax module for those using BBEdit to manage Apache configuration files. This module makes it easier to read and edit httpd.conf, .htaccess, virtual host containers, and other Apache configuration files [initial announcement | project home].

Using WebObjects: More Practical Tips and Tricks

For those who want to learn more about WebObjects, the ongoing series on MacDevCenter by Josh Paul is a good place to start. The introduction has since been followed by a second article entitled Using WebObjects “Direct to Web” Technology. The latest installment, More Practical Tips and Tricks, was just posted today.