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Popular Server Software Gets OS X Package Installers

The folks at Server Logistics have put together native Mac OS X package installers for many commonly used server tools, such as Apache 2, PHP, MySQL, and Tomcat. These installers should make it easier for people approaching these technologies for the first time, since these installers appear to obviate the need for cryptic Terminal commands. … Read more

Rendezvous and Web Services

Networking Macs and PCs has always been somewhat of a hassle, often requiring configuration of file sharing settings on multiple machines. In an article for O’Reilly, Massimiliano Bigatti demonstrates the power of Rendezvous (aka Zeroconf) by writing a simple cross-platform file sharing application called iSafe that requires no configuration. While apparently written as a proof-of-concept … Read more

Mac Serving With Apache, PHP, and MySQL

There are various software applications that can turn your Mac into a web log, news portal, or even an e-commerce storefront. A large proportion of these server software applications have three components in common: a web server, a scripting language, and a database. Follow the steps below to get some of the most popular versions … Read more

Apache Web Serving with Jaguar

For those that haven’t noticed, Kevin Hemenway has posted his latest installment on Apache Web Serving with Jaguar. The fourth article in this series explains how to set default index documents, create custom error pages, require password authentication, and customize other parts of Apache. If you missed the previous three installments, here are the links: … Read more

A DNS Primer

Dan Benjamin has penned a great DNS primer for O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter. Even if you’re already familiar with the way the Internet’s domain name system operates, the coverage of Apple’s oft-overlooked Network Utility is worth the read. If you’re already more than familiar with Network Utility, head on over to Jason Deraleau’s advanced article on Implementing … Read more