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No News Yet on New Xserve

An eWeek article on Apple’s potential plans for an Intel-based Xserve leave a lot to the imagination. While Apple servers bearing Intel processors are widely expected to be released this year, there is no word from Apple or even from less-trusted sources as to when the Xserve might be refreshed or what the specifications might look like. Given that the iBook and Power Mac models are probably the next in line to be fitted with Intel innards, the Xserve will most likely be the last Apple computer to witness the migration to an Intel CPU.

With many folks holding off on Xserve purchases until an Intel-powered model is released, one wonders how long it will be before those folks decide to stop waiting and opt for less expensive boxes running FreeBSD or Linux. Hopefully, the new Xserve will be released soon enough and with a strong enough value proposition to prevent such defections.

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