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Mac OS X Hints Round-Up

This article is a round-up list of Mac OS X hints, most of which are related to servers of some kind or other. For those running OS X 10.4, there is also an ever-growing list of Tiger-specific hints.

A shell script to edit text files as root in the GUI
A script to automatically blacklist illegal ssh attempts
Modify Remote Login server to block scripted attacks
Use a reverse SSH tunnel to get around firewalls
How to use ssh keys on a USB drive
Updating drive sleds in a G4 Xserve
SSH to multiple boxes via tab completion
Install and use Apple’s free dual-screen VNC server
Use a password analyzer to improve password security
Store logs in safe location
Modify Cocoa apps to support paste as plain text
Some info on Unicode and multilingual Macs
Log into AIM via iChat using an ICQ account
Create bootable clones via the command line
Tunnel webdav over ssh and bypass proxy
Record OS X screen activity to a Flash movie
Port forwarding on Mac OS X Server
Install a software-only keyboard/monitor switcher
Connect to servers with Applescript using Keychain
Mount and unmount server shares via AppleScript
Create a chrooted SSH/SFTP server on OS X
Recover a dead hard drive using dd
Prevent .DS_Store file creation on network volumes
Execute selected text as python or perl
Detect folder changes locally before sync or mirror
View programs’ connections (open sockets)
Use two iTunes libraries and one Music folder
Use Skype as a community media production tool
Another method of using iTunes via the internet
Share internet connections on a 192.168.x.x network
Lossless adjusting of loudness for MP3 and AAC files
Install and tweak the Checkmate tripwire
Access music in iTunes without adding to library
Access and modify the list of ‘remembered’ AirPorts
Use the Certificate Authority to create certificates
Pass command-line arguments to AppleScript
How to print a label with the new USPS web system
An AppleScript to change sound output device
Enable encrypted SquirrelMail on Server
Configure wide-area Bonjour settings
How to print a label with the new USPS web system

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