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Apple Patches Critical Security Vulnerabilities

Apple has released a fix for recently reported security vulnerabilities in Mac OS X. The description and download links for Security Update 2004-06-07 follow below.

Security Update 2004-06-07 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. The purpose of this update is to increase security by alerting you when opening an application for the first time via document mappings or a web address (URL).

Security Update 2004-06-07 is available for the following system versions:

Fixes include:

  • LaunchServices
    CVE-ID: CAN-2004-0538
    Impact: LaunchServices automatically registers applications, which could be used to cause the system to run unexpected applications.
    Discussion: LaunchServices is a system component that discovers and opens applications. This system component has been modified to only open applications that have previously been explicitly run on the system. Attempts to run an application that has not previously been explicitly run will result in a user alert.
  • Component: DiskImageMounter
    CVE-ID: No CVE ID has been reserved as this is only an additional preventative measure.
    Impact: The disk:// URI type mounts an anonymous remote file system using the http protocol.
    Discussion: The registration of the disk:// URI type is removed from the system as a preventative measure against attempts to automatically mount remote disk image file systems.
  • Safari
    CVE-ID: CAN-2004-0539
    Impact: The “Show in Finder” button would open certain downloaded files, in some cases executing downloaded applications.
    Discussion: The “Show in Finder” button will now reveal files in a Finder window and will no longer attempt to open them. This modification is only available for Mac OS X v10.3.4 “Panther” and Mac OS X Server v10.3.4 “Panther” systems as the issue does not apply to Mac OS X v10.2.8 “Jaguar” or Mac OS X Server v10.2.8 “Jaguar”.
  • Terminal
    CVE-ID: Not applicable
    Impact: Attempts to use a telnet:// URI with an alternate port number fail.
    Discussion: A modification has been made to allow the specification of an alternate port number in a telnet:// URI. This restores functionality that was removed with the recent fix for CAN-2004-0485.

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